Owo's Cabal 2 YouTube stuffz

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Owo's Cabal 2 YouTube stuffz Empty Owo's Cabal 2 YouTube stuffz

Post by Owondyah on Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:21 pm

Here I will post my videos related to C2...

I usually do unscripted, raw content, taken and recorded at the moment when the urge to create it is felt. My channel doesn't follow any schedule or whatever.
I do this solely to express my opinion on some things which I fell that are best expressed trough voice, rather than typing.

If you take a deeper look into my channel you won't find any mainstream games and I can promise one thing - you won't see them ever. Maybe... maaaaaybe a video on why I fkn hate GW2 Smile

Here are 2 vids about C2 I made so far:


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