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Post by Frostbyte on Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:21 am

Now we've all been there. You need to download/re-download Cabal 2, but it gives you mild depression. Mostly Because C2 download servers are made of cheese and speeds reflect that.
So, as a temporary (wishfull thinking) solution, i've uploaded portable client of Cabal 2 to my Google Drive. I wont be updating it after every minor patch, so expect it to be outdated after a while. I will, however do my best to keep this working until EST, PTG or whatever the name is decide that it's finally time to do something about this obvious issue.

(updated 10.08.2017. dd/mm/yyyy format for the win)

No, there is no way to verify the contents of the archive until you download it.
No, i cannot guarantee you anything. It may contain a couple of My Little Pony episodes in 4K instead of the game client.
No, i have no clue why the patching speed is so **** slow after the extraction. It's still faster than downloading whole thing from their server.

Thanks Termo for the alternate download link. Very Happy

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