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Post by Frostbyte on Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:06 pm

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Recommended Gems:

Commanding Holy Light: When Holy Light of Assault buff is used, reduces party aggro by 20% and raises their attack by 30.

Last Stand: (For solo play or incase you don't have Commanding Holy Light) Increases defense by 543 and aggro rate by 10% when Invincible Holy Light buff is used. (Note that when in use, the defense buff is not given to party members.)

Provoke Rage: (Lvl 45 gem; drops from the last boss in ARC) Drastically increases aggro rate. Can be stacked 5 times, meaning even more aggro. Only lasts for 10 seconds, but the gem hits pretty often, so that's not a big deal. A must have for dungeon runs.

Brave Immortal Strike: (lvl 50 gem; drops from last boss in CUF) [Immortal Strike's] damage boosts drastically.


These depend on your build and equips because if you have a lot of attack on your gear but are low on HP, you may want to put more on HP and vice-versa, but generally All Attack Types and Max HP are the main two. So either 2 on HP/1 on Attack per level, or 2 on Attack/1 on HP per level is recommended, depending on your build.

Stats on Gear:

Defense: Is the main stat to focus on (just as important as attack is for DPS)
Evasion: Very important, as it helps you avoid attacks and keeps you alive.
Physical Attack: Helps hold aggro better. (Recommended amount varies depending on whether or not you have the Provoke Rage gem.)
Weapon Block: Takes 50% less damage.
Shield Block: Takes 30% less damage.
Max HP: You will obviously need enough HP to stay alive, because no matter how much DEF or EVA you have, you will get hit. A lot.
Critical Accuracy: More damage means more aggro.

Recommended Runes:

All Attack Types x5: Important for helping to hold aggro.
Accuracy x5: If you miss the target, you'll have a hard time holding aggro. Accuracy matters.
Critical Accuracy: (As an alternative to Accuracy.) Crit means more damage, meaning aggro is more easily gained.
All Defense Types x5: All FS need good def. This one's a given.
Evasion x5: Take less hits, take less damage.

Force Cores:

All Defense Types: Use these in all available slots.

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If you have any questions, feel free to /w (whisper) or mail me in game.
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